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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 1, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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word. that is our broadcast and good night from new york. james comey is expected to testify before the senate committee as the russian investigation ramps up. weighing in on her election loss again, hillary clinton blames russia, comey, the media and a number of other factors for her 2016 defeat. gm, everyone. it's thursday, june 1st on what could be an historic day at the white house, depending on how this day goes. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
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louis burgdorf and yasmin. we will know the future of climate change today. president trump says he will announce his decision this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. in the rose garden at the white house. if he chooses to withdraw, the united states will join two other countries, nick raragua a syria, as the only countries not in the climate agreement. axios was the first to report that the president planned to withdraw, but the president gave few clues later in the day. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people, boat ways. both ways, believe me. i'm hearing from a lot of people both ways. >> during last week's g-7 summit, trump was the sole leader not to join the consensus reaffirms commitment to the accord. yesterday sean spicer revealed some of what has and has not gone into the president's decision-making. >> will he have a formal cabinet meeting or a formal review before he makes that decision?
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>> that will obviously be up to the president to decide. >> has the president met with european leaders last week, obviously. did those discussions from the german chancellor and others influence his decision-making on the paris climate agreement? >> as i mentioned, the president has taken input from a lot of individuals to help form late his decision-making. i don't think whether it's a personnel decision or any other action we tend to get ahead of the president. he's the ultimate decider. >> for more on this, let's bring in axios sarah fisher. good morning to you. i know axios was the first to report he made his decision to pull out of the paris climate accords. explain the mixed messages. why the suspense and different messages coming out of the white house? >> we're hearing a lot of different things from different faxes in the white house. you have nationalist folks like steve bannon and scott pruitt of the epa, who are urging the
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president to withdraw from the paris accords saying it's not good for domestic policy and will hurt our ability to xaptize here in the u.s. have you another faction in the white house, globalist faction, those at the helm urging the president to stay in the accord is ivanka trump as well as secretary of state rex tillerson, who is hearing from powers overseas that the u.s. withdrawing from the paris accord would have big implications on our ability to negotiate and work with other countries moving forward. >> also talking about major corporations, business leaders that are against this. head of tesla, elon musk, saying it's not noning inable. you also have the head of exxonmobil, considering tillerson's role in the white house. talk about that and if he's getting any pushback from that. >> oh, of course. this is the most significant pushback he's getting from the private sector. exxonmobil has a lot at stake. they voted yesterday to have
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overwhelmingly more transparency and how climate change will affect their bottom line. donald trump is receiving this pressure from a lot of u.s. expects, including tech companies, as you mentioned, sales for ceo tweeted a bunch of u.s. companies tweeted to the president urging him to stay in the accord. they're worried about what kind of business implications this is going to have on their companies and their ability to negotiate overseas. but as you mentioned, we're also seeing this from energy leaders who, one, are sick of the pr fiasco about what they feel about climate change and, two, quite frankly, again, are worried about how this implicates them in foreign markets. >> we'll be watching that ceremony at 3:00 p.m. to see exactly what the president will say. sarah fisher for us, thank you. turning now to russia, the questions are mounting just as the white house says it will no longer be answering them. a source close to james comey tells nbc news the fired fbi director is, quote, cleared for takeoff by special counsel robert mueller to testify before
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the senate intelligence committee. that testimony is expected to come next week despite questions of whether the newly appointed mueller would seek to block comey from speak out while the investigation is ongoing. "the wall street journal" krigt a single anonymous source who says comey will say president trump asked him to back off the investigation to former national security adviser michael flynn. flynn, of course, stepping down in february after "the washington post" reported he had misled vice president pence about specifically whether he had spoken to the russian ambassador about relieving sanctions. you remember the late administration actions obama took for meddling in the 2016 election and cyber attacks? they're back in the spotlight. in new york and maryland. president obama shut them down in december saying they were being used by russian personnel for intelligence-related pumps. last week the russian embassy
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tweeted this, russia is seeking to take our property in u.s. asap otherwise we'll take countermeasures. sergey lavrov said in a press conference, he believes everyone understands in trump's administration these are illegitimate actions. moscow has reportedly discussed with the trump administration lifting of construction restrictions it imposed in 2014 on the u.s. consulate being built in st. petersburg, but the latest reporting is rex tillerson told lavrov and kislyak, there is no linkage in negotiating the fate of the consulate there and compounds here. two members of the senate judiciary committee are requesting an investigation of potential undisclosed meeting between jeff sessions and russian ambassador kislyak. the meeting took place on the sidelines of donald trump's april 27, 2016 foreign policy speech back in washington, d.c. selgtsz sessions volunteered in
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his senate confirmation hearing he did not meet with russian, but at the republican convention last year it was revealed, sessions said it was part of his official duties. nor did he include the meetings on his security clearance form. cnn was first to report congressional investigators were looking at the meeting at the may flower hotel. al franken revealing that he and patrick leahy heard about the meeting and asking private letter asking fbi director james comey to investigate that. >> did you know about that meeting at the mayflower when you sent that letter to the director? >> yes. it had been characterized one way but we had some reason to believe that wasn't the case. it had been described in a way he could plausibly say, i don't remember that. but coming out today, i believe, is that that may not be the
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case. and if -- if this is true, that would be extremely disturbing. >> the house intelligence committee has issued seven subpoenas in its investigation of russian meddling, including into leaks about the story. four accept subpoenas are related to trump's inner circle including michael flynn and personal attorney michael cohen, while the others went to fbi, cia and nsa, seeking any information about unmasking requests of security material by susan rice, john brennan and samantha power. a democratic aide tells nbc news the unmasking subpoenas were sent under authority of chairman devin nunes but who recused himself. this week the los angeles times reveals nunes told a republican fund-raising dinner in april that democrats want an russian investigation to justify hillary
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clinton's loss. take a listen. >> they want to continue the narrative that vladimir putin and donald trump are best friends. that's the only reason -- hillary clinton won't have lost on her own. so, they have tried to destroy this russian investigation. they aren't serious about it. one of the great -- aside from this russian investigation. >> in six months after her election loss, hillary clinton, is going into new detail about her defeat. speaking at the code conference in california, the former presidential candidate blamed a number of factors, including russia, james comey and dnc for contributing to her loss. >> the overriding issue that affected the election that i had any control over, because i had no control over the russians, too bad about that, but we'll talk about it, i hope, was the way that the use of my e-mail account was turned into, you
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know, the biggest scandal since lord knows when. this was the biggest nothing burger ever. >> the russians historically in the last couple of decades and then increasingly, you know, are launching cyber attacks. they are stealing vast amounts of information. the russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counterintel, people i've talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided. and here's -- >> by americans? >> guided by americans. >> we went and told everybody we could find in the middle of the summer the russians were messing with the election. we were basically shooed away. comey was more than happy to talk about my e-mails but he wouldn't talk about investigation of the russians. so people went to vote on november 8th having no idea that there was an active counterintelligence investigation going on of the trump campaign.
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i also think i was the victim of a very broad assumption i was going to win. i was swimming against an historic tide. it's very difficult historically to succeed a two-term president of your own party because, you know, we're itchy people. we like change in america. >> i don't think we can get into confefe right now because it's a longer thing -- >> i thought it was a hidden message to russians. >> donald trump tweeted, crooked hillary clinton blames everybody but herself. refuses to say she was a terrible candidate. hillary clinton hit back writing, people in covfefe house shouldn't throw covfefe. this explanation from sean spicer who did not brief on camera yesterday. >> do you think people should be
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concerned that the president posted somewhat of an incoherent tweet last night and then stayed up for hours? >> no. >> why did it stay up so long? is no one watching this? >> i think -- i think the president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant. blake? >> amid rumors of wholesale change, mike dubke confirmed his departure this week. monmouth university asked, when high profile members of the administration speak, do they help or hurt the president? 61% said the president hurts his cause when he speaks. 42% said the same of sean spicer. and 40% of kellyanne conway. the best messenger for the president, the vice president, who 53% say helps the message for the white house. former campaign manager corey lewandowski's name has been grist for the rumor mill
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suggestions he may return to the white house. here's what he said yesterday. >> when you have a president who is so active, so articulate, so good at communicating with the media, sometimes you've got staff who have to keep up with him, and it's much easier, i think, if you have people who had a pre-existing relationship to understand how the president functions. >> still ahead, lebron james' home gets vandalized with a racial slur. now he's weighing in. if we could get a small group of people to tell us the meaning of covfefe. joe biden adds fuel to the 2020 speculation. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back. keep it here. got it.
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tthat's why at comcast,t to be connected 24/7. we're always working to make our services more reliable. with technology that can update itself. and advanced fiber network infrastructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. high school graduations around the country, valedictorians are addressing their classrooms. >> in myrtle beach, an
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undocumented immigrant addressed her class. take a listen. >> in order for me to tell my story, i needed to get to like a podium, a place where i had already proved my worth through academics. i didn't want to speak today because i thought people would boo me or just walk out. i started tearing up when the whole class stood up because i don't know, i'm just amazed at how compassionate everyone else. >> according to the local nbc news station, she's the first member of her family to make it past elementary school. she plans to attend yale and study molecular genetics. >> last year at this time a woman gave her speech and she went on to go to yale and she was also undocumented. >> what a great story. a check of your weather with meteorologist bill containerkar. bill, it's the start of hurricane season. >> june 1st. now we're into hushg season, it will last for six months. that's half of the year. here's a chart to show you when we get active, end of august
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through october. june and july are quiet. we ease into it. we usually get one named storm in the first two months and that may not be near the u.s. nothing brewing out there right now. the forecasts are average to slightly above average. we usually get 12 named storms, six hurricanes, three major hurricanes. we're expecting an average hurricane season. as far as today goes, not a lot of headlines out there. you need the umbrella, soaking rain in louisiana and east texas, along i-10. throughout the day today, this is the active area. we're setting into the typical summertime pattern with high humidity, and sprinkle storms through mississippi, and george. as we go into tomorrow, the heavier, steadier rains will head for florida. your rainy season has begun. you needed it after that dry winter and spring. today's forecast, there's some beautiful stuff out there today.
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d.c., philly, boston, all the way through cleveland, chicago, minneapolis is fantastic. many areas of the west are still seeing enjoyable weather. a nice, quiet start to june for anyone doing any travel today. >> that's the way we like it. thank you for that update. still ahead, the penguins take a two-game lead in the stanley cup final. plus, newly released dash cam video showing tiger woods on the night he was arrested on suspicion dui. that and sportnext. pass pleas. i'm here to fix the elevator. nothing's wrong with the elevator. right. but you want to fix it. right. so who sent you? new guy. what new guy? watson. my analysis of sensor and maintenance data indicates elevator 3 will malfunction in 2 days. there you go. you still need a pass.
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time for sports where while the focus of the nba should be on the championship series opener tonight, inwednesday's media headlines were from lebron james after an unidentified vandal spray painted a racial slur on his front gates of his home in los angeles. >> it just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of america, and, you know, hate, you know, in america, especially for african-american, is living every day. no matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is tough. and we got a long way to go, you
2:23 am
know, for us as a society and for us as african-americans until we -- until we feel equal in america. and, you know, but my family is safe and, you know, that's what's addition that's what's important. >> a spokesperson for the lapd said the act of vandalism is being investigated as a hate crime. police in florida have released the dash cam video from tiger woods' memorial day duchlt i arrest. they show his vehicle stopped along the jupiter, florida, highway. woods had to be won't up with slow and slurred speech and admitted he did not know where he was. >> do you know where you're going? >> no. >> have you had anything to drink tonight? >> no. >> are you sure? >> yes. >> 100%? >> 100%. >> have you taken any illegal drugs? >> no. >> have you taken any
2:24 am
medication? >> yes. >> the footage goes on to show woods' attempt at a field sobriety test before being arrested. two breath liesers showed 0.00. police also released photos of woods' black mercedes at the scene showing flat tires and damaged rims. turning to championship hockey. two of the stanley cup finals in pittsburgh where penguins inched closer to securing back-to-back tunnels with a 4-1 win over predators after they traded goals in the first period and scoreless second. the pens poured it on in the third, scoring three goals in over three minutes. they look to push nashville to the brink in game three on saturday night. turning now to major league baseball, more on the aftermath following monday night's may live on the diamond in san francisco. the league has reduced bryce
2:25 am
harper's four game suspension for fighting hunter strickland to three games which began in the nationals' 3-1 victory last night. meanwhile, giants await strickland's six-game ban. the playing missing the most time is michael morris, who's been placed on seven-day concussion list after colliding with teammate jeff smar ga in that melee. in minnesota, baseball's top team, astros continue their trajectory toward the stars, launching six home runs in yesterday's 17-6 win against the twins, including a towering 473-foot moon shot hit by george springer. that one's out of here. astros scored a whopping four runs in the sweep of minnesota. they're on fire. >> well said, by the way, lebron james there. >> yeah, that's a disheartening story to hear that happened. >> extremely disheartening. so unfortunate. still ahead, early voting is under way in georgia's sixth runoff district and the race is
2:26 am
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welcome back, everyone. it is the bottom of the hour. want to start with today's top stories. we've been following breaking news out of wisconsin where a large explosion and fire has
2:30 am
leveled at least part of a three-story corn milling plant. officials say the blast happened late last night about 40 miles north of the capital madison. officials say they don't have the information about the numbered missing or injured from that blast. president trump is expected to announce whether or not the united states will stay in the paris climate aexact. axios is the first to report the president will withdraw but the hasn't confirmed. if the president decides to do that, we would join nicaragua and syria has the only two countries not in the pact. "the washington post" reporting the white house is moving to restore russia's control of two diplomatic compounds in new york and maryland. president obama shut down those facilities back in december, saying they were being, quote, used by russian personnel for intelligence-related purposes. picking up on that russia
2:31 am
investigation weeks after being fired by president trump for ramping up his russia investigation, former fbi director james comey will now testify before congress and tell his side of the story publicly for the very first time. as congress issues new subpoenas in the investigation, hillary clinton is weighing in on russia and how her campaign went wrong. nbc's andrea mitchell has all the details for us. >> good morning. hillary clinton in her most blunt comments to date accusing trump associates of colluding with the russians during the campaign. >> reporter: james comey has the green light to testify to congress as early as next week. permission from special counsel robert mueller and is expected to be asked about what the president said to him about the russia probe. nbc news has previously reported that comey told friends, he felt pressure to back off from the investigation. this is the house intelligence committee approved seven subpoenas. four for former national security adviser, michael flynn, trump lauer michael cohen and their businesses on the russia
2:32 am
probe, and three for classified reports related to whether former obama official susan rice, samantha power and john brennan improperly accessed the identity of trump associates in intelligence reports. rice strongly denied it to us. >> let me -- >> the name of mike flynn -- >> i leaked nothing to nobody. and never have and never would. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton for the first time blasted russian spies for hacking her campaign manager's e-mails and then working with american political operatives, she said, to target her campaign with false messages on the internet. >> the russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counterintel, people i've talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided. and here's what -- >> guided by americans? >> guided by americans. >> reporter: clinton also said donald trump and bernie sanders could get angry about issues at rallies, but that voters didn't accept that kind of anger or passion from a woman. above all, she blames her loss on james comey, for reviving the
2:33 am
e-mail issue just before election day and for not telling voters he had been investigating russia and the trump campaign for months. ayman? >> we'll hear from james comey in the coming weeks about why he did that. secretary clinton also speaking about the weaponizing of social media and the affect that had on her campaign. clinton spoke candidly about the nature of the data operation she inherited once becoming the democratic nominee. let's take a listen to that. >> i set up my campaign and we have our own data operation. i get the nomination. so i'm now the nominee of the democratic party. i inherit nothing from the democratic party. >> what do you mean nothing? >> i mean, it was bankrupt. it was on the verge of insolvency. its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. >> axios' sarah fisher joining us again.
2:34 am
do you think that's a fair complaint coming from clinton? >> well, axios took a deep dive into what the data operations looked like at the dnc and rnc. it's true she walked into a less sophisticated data operation at dnc than what trump faced on the republican side. they're not exact comparisons. at the dnc, a lot of data used in previous campaigns was held in-house. its not surprising they hadn't inherited a lot of it. we heard barack obama didn't transition his list until 2016. on the rnc, trump walked into a pretty sophisticated data operation. there was a third-party group called trust data and the rnc who had been testing it since the 2012 campaign, hoping to make up for losses during the romney election. yes, she's right she definitely walked into a less smophisticatd operating but i wouldn't say it was totally insofl ent.
2:35 am
>> let me ask you about clinton. she discussed russia and, in particular, the role james comey played. how does the u.s. and dnc avoid such interferences in 2020? is it just building up anti-hacking capabilities? >> oh, yeah, both campaigns, both sides will have to develop very sophisticated cyber security measures to ensure that the type of hacks we saw during 2012 don't happen again and that false and misleading information doesn't penetrate the electoral system in 2020. one thing i talked about with the cyber security firms is how vulnerable things like polling can be when they're conducted online. we saw how vulnerable content can be, fake news, but that's going to extend even further as fake news becomes more sophisticated. you're right, both campaigns will have to take serious measures to come back this in 2020. >> one more question. do you think clinton is kind of an anomaly in all this or do you
2:36 am
think there's something to glean from her campaign about what went right and what went wrong, thinking ahead to 2020? >> i think the number one thing we learned when we took a deep dive into both data operations is you really need to craft a data strategy that supports any candidate. the rnc and data trust were very transparent with axios saying they built a data operation that could back any candidate. the way the democrats have traditionally operated is they had in-house operations crafted for specific candidates. bernie sanders had one operation on his own, barack obama had an operation of his own in 2012. hillary clinton, as she mentioned, a brought a lot of her data in-house. when you do that, it's hard to pull collective resources across the party. >> axios' sarah fisher, thank you. >> i'm wondering how much cyber security can be set up considering the french election, how they were hacked.
2:37 am
>> and they're worried about taking things into their own hands. a new report alleging president trump called a former aide in the thick of the russian investigation, telling "new yorker" that political operative roger stone who claimed in 2016 that he had, quote, a back channel communication with wikileaks founder julian assange reportedly received a call from the president two days after trump fired fbi director james comey. the alleged call came just after trump denied a report from cnn that stone had advised him to dismiss comey. tweeting on may 10th that he had, quote, not spoken to roger in a long time. but according to the report after stone discussed the comey firing and of it appearances on may 11th, the president called and had a simple message. good job. meempb while, special counsel robert mueller is beginning to staff up his investigation of russian meddle. andrew weissmann is joining the investigation.
2:38 am
this as white house press secretary sean spicer said yesterday that the trump administration will no longer take questions on matters related to russia. >> did the president engage in obstruction of justice in repeated meetings with james comey? >> our job -- we are focused on the president's agenda. and going forward, all questions on these matters will be referred to outside counsel, marc kasowitz. the american possibilities pac will give joe biden ability to stay active and credibility. the vice president has said time and time again he has no plans to run for office again, it would also keep him in position to possibly get in the race in 2020. the political world is returning its attention to the special election in georgia, projected to become the most expensive house race ever. now in the runoff phase between democratic jon ossoff and karen
2:39 am
handel, the air weaves have been flooded with tough ads. even some moving newscasts to make room for spots like these. >> using syrians to do it. the fbi warned we can't safely screen every syrian yet ossoff's boss brought 10,000 syrians to america. millions that will fund terror. will terrorist infiltrate an attack with our safety at risk? jon ossoff is just too risky. >> in the wealthy suburban district once occupied by tom price, 8,000 voters have been added to the rolls after a federal judge extended voter registration. the first round of voting in april saw massive turnout, mostly for ossoff. they are tweeting it has
2:40 am
exceeded. let's turn to business where uber continues to grapple with the departure of top executives. cnbc's karen cho joins us live from london with more. >> good morning, louis. uber is still on journey to profitability but it is managing to slow some of the red ink. the late es numbers it reported a loss of $708 million. that was down from about $991 million in the previous quarter. it's a case of where to for another executive with the chief of finance departing the company, following a string of other bee departures. about a dozen of executives have left uber. in terms of what is next for the executives, we're still embarking upon a search for the cfo who led the company. that coincides for the search for the coo. in terms of other stories in
2:41 am
the headlines, gm will cut another shift at a factory in michigan where the warren transmission plant will revert to one shift. they saw a drop in passenger car sales. customer appetite has been switching more to suvs and crossover cars. meantime, aetna is also hitting the head linlines looking to mo corporate flag from connecticut. they say they will move after 150 years in the state. although this has not been confirmed by the company. the lower mayor and governor lob idea in the recent months for insurance company to consider staying. it served up a package of incentives but they're now resigned to the fact aetna will be departing. they call the vast majority of the 5,800 jobs will remain in the state. >> could be a big loss for connecticut. thanks so much. in the battle against the opioid crisis is moving to court
2:42 am
after the state of ohio announced plans to take on some of the nation's largest drug manufacturers. ohio attorney general mike dewine has filed a lawsuit against fife of the biggest prescription painkiller manufacturers, accusing the firms of downplaying the effects of drugs like oxycontin and percocet. ohio is the second state to go after pharmaceutical companies. they claim they violated several state laws and defrauded medicaid. as the fight over the house republicans' repeal of obamacare rages on, white house office manager mick mulvaney is taking aim at cbo. in an interview he says the days of nonpartisan authority on scoring legislation has, quote, probably come and gone. he went on to describe the cbo's scoring of the gop health care bill as absurd. saying it was a perfect example of why lawmakers should not be so compliant with the agency.
2:43 am
he was especially critical of the estimate that the house bill would result in 23 million people losing their health insurance saying the model assumed the mandate require individuals have coverage has a lot more influence on people's decision than it actually does. still ahead, more fallout for kathy griffin over her shocking photo of president trump. how the stunt has cost the comedienne one of her most lucrative gigs. nasa looking for an up-close look at the sun. those stories and a look at the forecast with bill karins when we return. first kid
2:44 am
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gives you the power of choice plus... the power of pleasant. exclusively in lightweight! every home, every cat, there's a tidy cats for that. welcome back. the fallout from kathy griffin's video of her holding up what looked like president trump's severed head. cnn tweeting out, cnn terminated our agreement with kathy griffin
2:47 am
to appear on our new year's program. she apologized in a video on tuesday, saying that she took the joke too far. first lady melania trump issue aid statement on the kroefrs saying, quote, as a mother, a wife and a human being, that photo is very disturbing when you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today. a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it. shifting gears. nasa officially announced plans for a new mission. scientists yesterday unveiled their plans to launch a space probe that will take them to the face of the sun. more on this endeavor into the heavens. >> reporter: blasting off next summer, nasa is taking space exploration to new heights. its first mission to the sun and its outermost at moss fear. the unmanned ten-foot parker solar probe set to launch into history.
2:48 am
>> solar probe is going to be the hottest, fastest mission. i like to call it the coolest, hottest mission under the sun. >> reporter: reaching speeds of 430,000 miles an hour, fast enough to travel from new york to tokyo in less than a minute, the parker solar probe will need to withstand temperatures of 2500 degrees. no spacecraft has ever come this close to the sun. >> solar probe process is a really unique mission. it's really the first mission to a star. >> reporter: the mission, to shed light on the sun. providing insight about the physics of stars, the dynamics of space weather and solar flares that can impact our satellites and power grids. >> until you actually go there and touch the sun, you really can't answer these questions. >> reporter: the out of this world mission ends in june 2025. and it may forever change the way we see and understand the sun from planet earth. miguel almager, nbc news, los
2:49 am
angeles. >> what a very cool story. unfortunately, we have to bring you back down to earth so we can get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. he'll do it for you. >> i mean, just imagine like the temperatures, i mean, what's that thing made of that it won't melt and withstand those temperatures? that will be pretty cool to watch. as far as today goes, june 1st, beginning of the hush season. nothing brewing and probably won't have anything to talk about for a while. in the gulf we're getting a good soaking rain, in areas of louisiana. this will be the theme for the next couple of days. eventually we'll work this moisture into florida. rainfall amounts through friday, this is good. orlando through lake okeechobee, 2 inches of rain. you're officially into the wet season. as we mentioned, the rain this morning is in louisiana and track it to new orleans, mobile, panama city by 5:00 p.m. this evening. scattered storms through louisiana, alabama, mississippi, georgia.
2:50 am
as we go through friday, more scattered storms. not great beach weather but beneficial rains for the sunshine state. there's some great weather out there today. june 1st. in is the stuff you love. minneapolis through the great lakes in the 70s low humidity, ohio valley looks fine. beautiful weather through the northeast. you'll feel it as you go outside. a lot of the rain and gloomy weather from yesterday is gone. northern new england will be cool with a stray shower. friday, st. louis warm at 90. chicago is fine. maybe a stray storm around new york on friday, but most of the day is going to be dry. unfortunately we're back into the gloom as we head towards the weekend, a new storm coming from canada is going to dip down and bring us cloudy, cool weather. a lot of clouds, seven of the last ten days in miss burg, boston, nine of the last ten days. >> we're going to have to enjoy it while it lasts. >> enjoy today and saturday. >> how do you come up with those
2:51 am
titles, late may gloom? >> i have a whole team of headline writers. >> president trump is set to decide today the fate of the u.s.'s future in the paris climate accord. >> the potential next steps if he chooses to pull this country out of the multinational agreement. that's coming up. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni, your doctor will test to see if you've ever had hepatitis b, which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical
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2:53 am
. welcome back everyone. president trump is set to announce the future of the
2:54 am
united states' involvement in the paris climate accord. early indications are that he will pull out for the historic deal. if so, the united states will join nicaragua and syria as the only two other countries not signed on. joining us from london, nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley. what happens if the u.s. withdraws from the agreement? what are the implications of that? >> reporter: there's a few different answers to that question. in the short term it looks like nothing. that's according to jean claude juncker. he told an audience in berlin it would take the u.s. three to four years to fully withdraw from the treaty. that's because this 200-nation accord enjoins the u.s. to certain certain emissions commitments since obama signed it last november. he said the law is the law and everyone has to stick to it. not everything which is written in international treaties is fake news. you've got to stick to that.
2:55 am
in the medium term, withdraw means the u.s. no longer has to reduce its 2005 emissions levels by 17% by 2020. that's one of the statutes in it. it releases the u.s. from having to reduce emissions up to 28% by 2025. that would, of course, carry serious consequences for the environment. there are foreign policy considerations here as well, ayman. in the longer term, experts say trump's withdraw from the paris accord wouldn't amount to a bold assertion of u.s. independence in power. instead, it may seed control of an emerging global climate regime to china and europe. climate change is likely to top the agenda today. china undoubtedly sees climate change as an issue where it can flex its global muscles.
2:56 am
>> geopolitics and at the core of it, the environment as well. up next on "morning joe," much more on the president's decision on t paris climate accord. >> joe crowley saying it would be deeply damagin to the u.s. economy and security issues. >> former secretary of state and chief of staff to george h.w. bush james baker weighs in on the rumors of a shakeup in the white house. "morning joe" is just moments away. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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welcome back. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories in the day ahead. >> as we've been telling you, president trump is set to announce his decision on whether the u.s. will continue participating in the 195-nation paris climate accord on global warming, promising to withdraw the u.s. from the deal signed by president obama in 2015. today marks the beginning of hurricane season. secretary of homeland security john kelly is set do visit the national hurricane center in miami, joining florida governor rick scott along with other officials for briefings on this season. >> that does it for us on this thursday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside
3:00 am
louis burgdorf and ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning. it is thursday, june isst. can you believe it? welcome to "morning joe." we have veteran column and msnbc contributor mike barnicle, national political correspondent for nbc news and msnbc steve kornacki is with us. he's doing okay, joe. also white house correspondent for the associated press julie pace is with us from washington along with willie, joe and me. joe, we've got the big countdown to 3:00 today where he'll do his reveal about whether or not this country will stay in the paris accord or join i believe nicaragua and syria -- >> two really good countries to follow. >> proud moment. >> when i was young my dad held me on his knees and said one day this country, one day we'll be in the same c


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